About Me

Hi, My name is Muhammad Faheem Usama. I’m graduated from BZU Multan. I’ve started my blogging carrier in 2010 from Yolasite. Then I’ve started to work on Blogger and started my earning with Google Adsense. Then I’ve come to know about WordPress and found it very awesome!. So migrated from blogger to wordpress.

Working on wordpress in start was not so easy. I’ve faced a lot of issues and problem and solved it myself with my research. Now I’ve become a Pro WordPress blogger. I can create wordpress website in minutes according to my need. I’ve also transferred my blog from on server to another many time, but first time, it was very difficult. Learning from my carrier, I’m here to help others to save their time. So, you can hire me just for $5/hour. If you are facing any issue or error in your wordpress website, you want to migrate your wordpress website from one host/server to another but scared to lost, don’t worry, I will do it easily with Guarantee.